Chair: Igor Bolotnov

Vice-Chair: Dillon Shaver

Members with Terms:


Steve Arndt

Steven Bajorek

Phillipe Bardet

Sama Bilbao y Leon

H. Chang

Xu Cheng

Fan-Bill Cheung

Cesar Frepoli

Rui Hu

Yong Hoon Jeong

Jong Kim

Seungjin Kim

Si Young Lee





Maria Avramova

Caleb Brooks

Jinyong Feng

Donna Guillen

Hisashi Ninokata

Jun Liao

Darius Lisowski

Yang Liu

John C. Luxat

Ferry Roelofs

Victor Petrov

Piyush Sabharwall

Subash Sharma

Guanyi Wang

Bao-Wen Yang



2022 Cont.

Wade Marcum

Kurshad Muftuoglu

W. David Pointer

Shripad Revankar

Jovica Riznic

Chul-Hwa Song

Dillon Shaver

Xiaodong Sun

Brian Woods

Ling Zou








Annalisa Manera



Fatih Aydogan

Sofiane Benhamadouche

Igor Bolotnov

Lane Carasik

Seung Jun Kim

Guillaume Mignot

Yassin Hassan

Lander Ibarra

Youho Lee

Robert Martin

Elia Merzari

Shanbin Shi

Don Todd

Rodolfo Vaghetto

Jun Wang

Su-Jong Yoon

Matthew Zimmer


The Program Committee (PC) is primarily responsible for planning meetings of the Division and sessions sponsored by the Division at national meetings of the Society. The PC selects session chairs and other meeting officers required for presiding at technical meetings of the Division and at its special sessions of contributed papers at national meetings of the Society. The PC, as needed, calls on other members of the Division to serve as long-range planning coordinators for particular meetings or special sessions. The Chair of the PC, through his/her National/Topical Subcommittee (N/TS) Chair, is responsible for liaison with the National Committee of the Society.

Past Chairs
2016-2019Elia Merzari
2013-2016Xiaodong Sun
2010-2013Kurshad Muftuoglu
2007-2010Kurshad Muftuoglu
2004-2007Kurshad Muftuoglu
2001-2004Martin Bertodano
1998-2001Jong H. Kim
1995-1998Martin M. Pilch



The THD Advisory Council is formed from Program Committee alumni whose terms have expired. Advisory Council membership is granted for five years beyond their elected term to the Program Committee. The Advisory Council members have agreed to be available to the THD governing committee members in all matters regarding the sustainability and expansion of THD activities.


Term expiring in 2025:

D. Aumiller

E. Baglietto

B. Collins

F. d’Auria

R. Gaunt

T. Hibiki

J.-M. LeCorre

M. Podowski

P. Saha

D. Schubring

K. Suh

K. V. Kirkland

M. Murase

Term Expiring in 2026:

P. Ferroni

J. Lane