The Technical Achievement Award is the highest award given by the THD. It is normally presented annually to a member of the THD in recognition of outstanding past or current technical achievement. It is based on a major contribution to the state of the art, an important publication, a major technical achievement, or a sustained record of accomplishment and technical excellence in the art or science of Thermal hydraulics. Nominations for this award are made directly by the Division membership or others in the technical community. Nominations accompanied by at least three supporting letters are submitted in writing to the THD Honors and Awards Chair. The Technical Achievement Award is a plaque with an appropriate citation and a monetary grant. The Technical Achievement Award is usually presented at the ANS Winter Meeting. An award form can be found at this link. Technical Achievement Form Technical Achievement Award Recipients

Award Winner Year
Seungjin Kim 2023
Upendra S. Rohatgi and Bao-Wen Yang 2022
Francesco D’Auria and Chul-Hwa Song 2021
Michael Podowski 2020
Shripad Revankar 2019
Si Young Lee 2018
Nam Truc Dinh 2016
Mohamed El-Genk 2015
Jose Reyes 2014
Chang Oh 2013
Hisashi Ninokata 2012
John Luxat 2011
Per Peterson 2010
Mujid Kazimi 2009
Larry Hochreiter 2008
Jong Kim 2007
Fan-Bill Chueng 2006
William Sha 2005
Vijay Dhir 2005
Yassin Hassan 2004
Soon Heung Chang 2003
Jean-Marc Delhaye 2002
Micheal Corradini 2001
Bal Raj Segal 2000
Victor Ransom 1999
Wolfgang Wulff 1998
George Yadigaroglu 1997
Theofanis G. Theofanous (Theo) 1996
Virgil E Schrock 1995
Neil Todreas 1994
Herbert S. Isbin 1993
Yih Yun Hsu (Y. Y.) 1992
Hans K. Fauske 1991
Novak Zuber 1990
Mamoru Ishii 1989
Sanjoy Banerjee 1988
Salomon Levy 1987
Long Sun Tong 1986
R. T. Lahey, Jr. 1985