Minutes of the Program Committee Meeting

ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division

Minutes of the Program Committee Meeting

ANS Summer Meeting

Opryland Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee

Sunday, June 7, 1998

Attendees: R. Gamble (guest), R. Henry, B. Jones, T.K. Larson, A. Levin, P. Peterson, M. Pilch, R. Taleyarkhan, K. Turner (guest)

Excused: M. Bertodano, F.B. Cheung, J. Kim, N. Kurul, M. Podowski, T. Theofaneous, R.R. Wenzel

A list of attendees is given in Attachment 1.

1. Opening

The THD Program Committee Meeting was called to order by the Committee Chair, M. Pilch, at 3:00 PM. It was noted that attendance was limited due to the conflict with another meeting.

2. Agenda

The proposed agenda was approved.

3. Minutes from the meeting of the ANS Winter Meeting, Albuquerque, NM

The minutes were approved


4. Action Items from the November 1998 Meeting at the ANS Winter Meeting

Action Item 1: Podowski to report further on the NHTC CD-ROM at next meeting. Podowski sent report (see item 5)

Action Item 2: M. Bertodano to report on the progress of CD-ROM templates. Bertodano was not in attendance, so this item was deferred. (New Action Item 1)

Action Item 3. T. Larson to report on the National Meetings Subcommittee meeting at next meeting. Larson reported on this meeting.


5. National/International Heat Transfer Conference Subcommittee

M. Pilch will attend the June 14 coordinating meeting in Albuquerque for the 1999 NHTC. The PC selected the following session organizers for the ANS sessions (brackets give the name of overlapping ASME or AIChE titles.)

  1. Fundamentals of Two-Phase Flow (Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena) (AIChE) -- M. Podowski

  2. Instrumentation and Measurements (Experimental Studies in Multiphase Flow) (ASME/AIChE) -- G. Kojasoy

  3. Scaling and Simulation -- Wulff and Reyes

  4. Transients and Dynamics in Two-Phase Flow -- Ishii

  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods in Two-Phase Flow -- M. Bertandano

  6. Fundamentals of Multi-component Boiling and Condensation -- P. Peterson and R. Gamble

  7. Thermal Problems in Accelerator Targets and Fusion -- Van Tyle and C. Unal

  8. Severe Accident Fundamentals -- M. Pilch and T. Theofaneous

  9. Thermal Problems in Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management -- M. Plys
It now appears that the NHTC proceedings will be produced on CD-ROM, which will help address the problem of revenue losses from publication at the last NHTC.

New Action Item 2 M. Pilch will contact those organizers selected by the PC who were not at the PC meeting, to confirm that they can serve. M. Pilch will report on the June 14 meeting, and the publication format for the NHTC.


6. National Meetings

Kyle Turner reported on the upcoming Washington ANS Winter Meeting, encouraging the THD to encourage members to attend the meeting. He noted that the ANS has just opened a Washington office, and the noted the desire for ANS to show strong activity during the Washington meeting in response to Senator Dominici?s initiative to re-examine nuclear technology.

Tom Larson was thanked for his effort in covering the last National Meeting paper review. Larson provided a list of the papers which have been submitted for the upcoming ANS Winter meeting. A total of 20 full-length papers may be received for the meeting. Because this number is too small to allow profitable paper publication, the committee decided to adopt a new approach to full length paper publication, with the full-length papers to be accepted for publication on the CD-ROM for the upcoming NURETH-9 meeting without additional review beyond that occurring for the ANS Winter Meeting. This will be done, if the NURETH-9 organizing committee concurs. P. Peterson, who is the publications chairman for NURETH-9, will present the proposal to the NURETH organizing committee. The publication will occur follows:

  1. Authors will submit summaries as usual for publication.

  2. Authors will submit full-length papers for review. The schedule for submission can be relaxed due to the delayed publication. Authors will then prepare their manuscripts using a formatting template that will be downloadable from the internet.

  3. Authors of accepted full-length papers will be asked to bring paper copies to distribute at their sessions at the ANS Winter Meeting, and to bring a properly formatted electronic copy of floppy disk to the meeting, to be given to Per Peterson, for inclusion on the NURETH CD-ROM. In the interim the papers will be made available over the internet to be downloaded in PDF format.

New Action Item 3 P. Peterson to obtain permission from the NURETH-9 organizing committee to include papers on the NURETH CD-ROM. P. Peterson will also create and provide electronic distribution of a template file (first in Microsoft Word, and ultimately in WordPerfect) for authors to use in formatting their papers.

New Action Item 4 J. Kim is to be asked to send letters asking for financial support to a list of companies and organizations to be provided by T. Larson. The request is for financial support for Winter Meeting publication in lieu of support that would normally be given for the NHTC, which was not held this year.


7. International Topical Meetings

P. Peterson reported that progress on NURETH-9 goes well, and requested that all PC members actively solicit papers for the meeting, since abstracts are due in September.


8. Editorial Subcommittee Report

Tom Larson discussed the status of the 1997 THD Best Paper nominations.


9. Membership Report

No report.


10. New Business

The Accelerator Division requested that the THD cosponsor a session on Safety and Thermal Hydraulics at the upcoming Summer Meeting. The PC nominated C. Unal to assist.

P. Peterson agreed to serve as PC secretary.
The meeting was adjourned.

Prepared by Per F. Peterson