The Thermal Hydraulic Division’s Best Paper Award (not to be confused with the individual conference best paper award) is given annually for the best full paper presented at one of the previous year’s Division sponsored thermal hydraulics sessions or topical meetings. In years in which no award is presented, two may be awarded the following year. The award is made on the basis of originality, creativity, impact and scientific integrity. Recommendations for the Best Paper Award come from chairs of technical meeting sessions and from members at-large (through the Program Committee Chair). Best Paper Award Recipients*

Year Authors Paper Title Conference
2022 Y. Feng, X. Wang, D. Grishchenko, P. Kudinov Measurement of Velocity Induced by Steam Condensation into a Water Pool by Tracking the Motion of Bubbles NUTHOS-13
2021 J. Pacio, S.K. Chen, Y.M. Chen, and N.E. Todreas Identification of Open Issues in the UCTD Model and Proposed Improvements for Uses in Licensing NURETH-19
2020 G.R. Garrett, F.R. Beck, D.J. Miller, B. Lowery, F.B. Cheung, S.M. Bajorek, C.L. Hoxie, and K. Tien Pressure and Oscillatory Effects on the Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer in a Rod Bundle ATH ’20
2019 J. Pacio, M. Daubner, T. Wetzel, H. Uitslag-Doolaard, A. Mathur, F. Roelofs Inter-wrapper flow: LBE experiments and simulations NURETH-18
2018 M. T. Farmer, B. Tourniaire, and K. Atkhen Molten Core Concrete Interaction with Early Top Flooding: Results of the CCI-8 Experiment NURETH-17
2017 E. Merzari, H. Yuan, A. Kraus, A. Obabko, P.Fisher, J. Solberg, S. Lee, J. Lai, S. H. Lee, M. Delgado, Y. Hassan. High-Fidelity Simulation of Flow-Induced Vibrations in Helical Steam Generators for Small Modular Reactors NURETH-17
2016 N. Wynne, M. Garza, K. Vierow, D. Aumiller, and M. Kyle Air-Water and Steam-Water Onset of Flooding Data at Variable Pressure in a Large Diameter Tube ATH ’16
2015 T. Zaki and P. Yarsky Use of White Noise in TRACE/PARCS Analysis of ATWS with Instability NURETH-16
2014 J. Wheeler, T. Worosz, and S. Kim Experiments on the Effects of a Spacer Grid in Air-Water Two-Phase Flow ATH ’14
2013 S. Lomperski, C. Gerardi, and W. D. Pointer Distributed Fiber Optic Temperature Sensing for CFD Code Validation NURETH-15
2012 M. Bucci, W. Ambrosini, N. Forgione, F. Oriolo, and S. Paci Experimental and Computational Analysis of Steam Condensation in the Presence of Air and Helium NURETH-14
2010 E. Merzari and H. Ninokata Proper Orthogonal Decomposition of the Flow in a Rod-Bundle NURETH-13
2009 B. Feng, J. Beccherle, P. Hejzlar, and M. S. Kazimi Thermal Hydraulics of PWRs Transitioning to High Performance Annular Fuel NUTHOS-7
2008b P. Saha, R. Gamble, B. S. Shiralkar, and J. R. Fitch Applicability of Small-Scale Test Data to the 4500 MWt ESBWR Loss-of-Coolant Accidents NURETH-12
2008a C. Oh, C. Davis, and G. C. Park RCCS Experiments and Validation for High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor NURETH-12
2006 D. C. Groeneveld, J. Q. Shan, A. Z. Vasic, L. K. H. Leung, A. Durmayaz, J. Yang, S. C. Cheng, and A. Tanase NURETH-11
2005 E. Baglietto and H. Ninokata CFD Modeling of Secondary Flows in Fuel Rod Bundles NUTHOS-6
2004 H.-M. Prasser NURETH-10
2000 R. Segal NURETH-9
1999 G. Kojasoy
1998 S. S. Abalin, V. Asmolov, A. V. Merzliakov, V. D. Daragan, E. K. D’yakov, and V. Yu Corium Kinematic Viscosity Measurement NURETH-8
1995b C. Liu and T. Theofanous Film Boiling on Spheres in Single and Two-Phase Flows – Part I: Experimental Studies and Part II: Theoretical Study
1995a X. M. Chen, V. E. Schrock, and P. F. Peterson Rayleigh-Taylor Instability of Cylindrical Jets with Radial Motion NURETH-7
1994b P. Peterson, V. Schrock, and R. Greif NURETH-6
1994a H. Yan and T. Theofanous
1992 NURETH-5
1991 G. Kojasoy and Z. Wang
1989 N. Obot and M. Ishii

*This listing is incomplete. If you have any information regarding recipients not listed here, please contact us.