The NURETH Fellow was established by THD to recognize scholars who made “outstanding contribution to numerous
International Topical Meetings on Nuclear Reactor Thermal-Hydraulics (NURETH) since 1980.”

Awarded at NURETH-15 (Pisa, Italy 2013)

Akiyama M. (to the memory of) Hassan Y. A. Podowski M. Z.
Aksan N. Hochreiter L. E. (to the memory of) Ransom V. H.
Baek W.-P. Ishii M. Riznic J. R.
Banerjee S. Kim Jong H. Rust K. (to the memory of)
Chang S. H. Kirillov P. L. Sakurai A.
Cheung F. B. Lahey R. T. Jr. Sehgal B. R.
Corradini M. L. Mayinger F. Theofanous T. G.
Delhaye J. M. Nariai H. Todreas N. E.
Groeneveld D. C. Ninokata H. Yadigaroglu G.