Thermal Hydraulics

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To establish, stimulate, and maintain quality technical and professional approaches in all areas of Nuclear Thermal Hydraulics.

In furtherance of this mission the Division shall devote itself specifically to:

  1. The advancement and dissemination of knowledge of thermal and hydraulic phenomena as they pertain to the steady state design or transient performance of equipment in nuclear power plants and other segments of the nuclear fuel cycle.

  2. Aid in the integration and dissemination of thermal hydraulics information developed in research and design programs and from experience with operating nuclear reactors.

  3. Promote effective interchange of thermal hydraulics information among the many professional groups and organizations participating in the development and application of nuclear reactor technology.

  4. Provide a basis for interaction between the nuclear industry and regulatory groups.


Spring 2015 THD Newsletter

Call for Papers - 2015 Young Professional Thermal Hydraulics Research Competitioin to be held November 8-12, 2015, Washington DC, USA

NURETH-16 - August 30 - September 4, 2015, Chicago, USA

NURETH-16 Student Poster Competition - For more information go to NURETH-16 Students

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