Minutes of the ANS Thermal Hydraulic Division Executive Committee

November 10, 1996
Washington, DC


Members (See Attachment 1) and guests in attendance were Jens Anderson, Mel Buckner (guest), Bill Cheung, Hans Gouger (guest), Yassin Hassan, Robert Henry, Mamoru Ishii, Barclay Jones, Gunol Kojasoy, Tom Larson, Per Peterson, Martin Pilch, Mike Podowski, Jose Reyes, Theo Theofanous, Cetin Unal, Gary Wilson

Michael Corradini and Jose March-Leuba were excused from the meeting.


The meeting was brought to order Sunday evening at 6:00 pm by Per Peterson. He proposed a revision to the agenda sent in advance to allow two presentations by visitors immediately following this discussion. The proposal was accepted (see Attachment 2 for revised agenda).

Visitor Presentations

Accelerator Applications Technical Working Group [AATWG] (Mel Buckner, Savannah River) The goal of the AATWG is to achieve ANS Division status within one year (see Attachment 3). The intent of the presentation was to inform the THD of the goal of the AATWG and to solicit support (similar presentations have been/will be given to other divisions). Questions and/or comments during the ensuing discussion included:

  1. Wolfgang Wulff asked why a new division was required rather than incorporation of the subject topic in an existing division, and if such a new division would adversely impact any current division? Mel Buckner responded that creation of the proposed division was believed to be required to significantly advance applications in the topical area, and to bring the desired standards to the work.

  2. Mike Podowski asked for further definition of the target membership of the proposed division. Mel Buckner stated the intent was to target the accelerator community at large where it is believed the current ANS activities do not well represent that community. He noted that if the goals of the AATWG are successful, then the ANS representation will be enhanced. Per Peterson pointed out the potential for a large future research effort in accelerator work, thus the potential to enhance the ANS representation of a new research area. He also noted the large thermal hydraulic component in the topical area and suggested a strong interface between the THD and the proposed new division would be most valuable to both divisions. Cetin Unal suggested that the significant overlap between the THD and the new division would require specific efforts by both divisions to insure there was no, or a minimum of, conflict between the divisions. Mel Buckner agreed and indicated the AATWG believed such cooperation would also be necessary with the NRSD.

  3. Per Peterson asked for further definition of what was being requested of the THD. Mel Buckner responded: Identify perceived road-blocks to creation of the new division. Greg Van Tuyle is the current leader of the AATWG so either he or Mel Buckner should be the primary contacts for such information. Per Peterson suggested that the AATWG should specifically define and state their plans to insure the common interests of the new division and other existing divisions are well served. Bob Henry suggested the AATWG survey the ANS membership for comments, suggestions, etc. Mel Buckner agreed to take these suggestions to the AATWG.

THD Funding Support to Penn State Student Chapter (Hans Gouger)

A letter has already sent in which the THD has committed to provide $300 for requested support. Per Peterson noted that only two such requests had been received to date (see following Treasurer's Report), therefore, the THD Executive Committee should increase the amount of support.

Minutes from August 1996 Meeting

The minutes from the August 3, 1996 Executive Committee meeting were discussed and approved as submitted. Response to Action Items from that meeting, and new Action Items that were discussed/developed during the review are covered immediately below.

Action Items from Previous Executive Committee Meeting

The subject discussions and actions are summarized as follows:

  1. Action Item - Per Peterson will initiate the process of bring the Honors and Awards Committee membership into compliance with the bylaws. The initial action will be to make one three year appointment of a qualified THD member.
    Discussion - See following Nominating Committee Report.

  2. Action Item - Per Peterson will request that the NURETH-9 Proposal Evaluation Subcommittee write to the three sections telling them of the results of the selection process. The Subcommittee is requested to include copies of the scores assigned for each of the proposals, with the names of the reviewers whited out, so that the local sections can study and improve their efforts for subsequent bids. The Subcommittee is also requested to note to the Idaho Section that their bid was excellent, and that the Section will be asked to submit again for NURETH-10.
    Discussion - Martin Pilch will complete the action on this item.

  3. Action Item - In future the THD Executive Committee will conform to the ANS bylaw governing best paper awards; specifically only one award will presented per year.
    Discussion - In future the THD will conform to the by-laws.

  4. Action Item - The THD Home Page Subcommittee should continue to develop and implement the subject home page. It is desirable this action be completed in sufficient time to use the home page for 1997 Winter meeting paper reviews (i.e., before February 1997). Discussion - Two motions were made, seconded and approved as follows:

    1. The THD draft home page created by Necdet Kurul was accepted. The home page will be maintained by RPI with Necdet Kurul as on-site coordinator.
    2. The THD Program Chairman has the responsibility for approval of all requested Call for Papers entries in the THD home page. Sessions approved during THD Executive Committee meetings will be finished and then approved by the THD Program Committee Chairman before incorporation in the THD home page. Other Call for Paper entry requests (i.e., other ANS divisions, other society meetings, etc.) will be approved by the THD Program Committee Chairman before incorporation in the THD home page.

    In addition to the above motions, four action items were generated as follows:

    Action Item 1: It was agreed that control of the THD home page via a specific protocol was needed. Gary Wilson accepted the action item to develop a draft protocol, send to the THD Executive Committee members for review, and coordinate any resulting comments so that a protocol will be available for approval at the next meeting.
    Action Item 2: Mike Podowski (supported by Necdet Kurul) will explore links to/from the THD home page. Candidate links include the ANS HQ and other division home pages.
    Action Item 3: Per Peterson will send an acknowledgment to Necdet Kurul thanking him for his outstanding effort in creating the original draft THD home page.
    Action Item 4: Bill Cheung and Per Peterson will invite Necdet Kurul to become a member of the THD Program Committee.

  • It was determined the following action items from the previous meeting had been, or were being, completed:
    Action Item 5: All Executive Committee members should review Attachment 5, and send their comments to Necdet Kurul (kuruln@rpi.edu), particularly those related to the needed functionality of the home page.
    Action Item 6: Necdet Kurul will send drafts of the home page to the Executive Committee members at those times when their input is need to proceed with the development and implementation.
    Action Item 7: Necdet Kurul will contact all individuals who might be able to provide helpful experience in performing paper reviews via the Internet, particularly those in the ANS, but outside the THD, who are implementing (or are trying to) the same paper review capability.

    Treasurer's Report

    Cetin Unal reviewed the report and a motion for amended was made during the discussions. The motion was seconded and approved and the amended treasurer's report be accepted.

    Program Committee Report

    Bill Cheung provided a summary of deliberations from the THD Program Committee meeting conducted just prior to the Executive Committee meeting. The details of the presentation may be found in the THD Program Committee Meeting minutes to be written by Martin Pilch.

    International Topical Meetings

    Bill Cheung provided a summary of progress on NURETH-8 provided at the THD Program Committee meeting conducted just prior to the Executive Committee meeting. The details of the presentation may be found in the THD Program Committee Meeting minutes to be written by Martin Pilch.

    Honors and Awards Subcommittee Report

    Wolfgang Wulff reviewed the activities of the subject subcommittee, including those reproduced as Attachment 5 in these minutes. He suggested the THD needs a "running" candidate list for technical achievement.
    Action Item 5: Following discussion, the subcommittee was charged to develop the suggested list.

    Nominating Subcommittee Report

    Gunol Kojasoy summarized the activities of the subcommittee. The subcommittee recommends that Mamoru Ishii be appointed to the Honors and Awards Subcommittee. The subcommittee also developed the following list of candidates for the 1997-1998 THD Executive Committee officers and new Executive Committee member elections:

             Candidate Officers:
             Chairman	Robert Henry
             Vice-Chairman	Jose Reyes
             Secretary	Martin Pilch
             Treasurer	Cetin Unal
             Candidate New Members:
             Bill Cheung
             Hideki Nariai
             Bruce Spencer


    The current Executive Committee members are shown on Attachment 1. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting

    Old Business

    No discussion

    New Business

    There was no new business. Accordingly, with member concurrence, Per Peterson closed the meeting.