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American Nuclear Society - Thermal Hydraulics Division
Executive Committee Meeting
Sheraton Washington Hotel
Washington, D. C.
Thomas Paine Room
Sunday, November 10, 1996

  1. Opening  P. F. Peterson
  2. Agenda   All
  3. Visitor Presentations
    1. Accelerator Applications Technical Working Group   M. Buckner
    2. Request for THD Funding Support to Penn State   H. Gouger
  4. Minutes from August 1996 meeting   P. F. Peterson
  5. Action Items from November 1995 meeting   All
  6. Treasurer's Report   C. Unal
  7. Program Committee Report   F. B. Cheung
  8. International Topicals   F. B. Cheung/P. F. Peterson
  9. Honors and Awards   W. Wulff
  10. Nominating Subcommittee Report   G. Kojasoy
  11. Membership   Tabled until next meeting
  12. Old Business   No discussion
  13. New Business   No discussion