The THD Technical Achievement Award (TAA) is presented annually to an individual who has made exemplary contributions in the field of thermal hydraulics. Candidates for the TAA are suggested by the THD membership at large. Sponsors for each candidate then prepare background materials for submission to the H&A Committee Chair. These background materials are distributed to the H&A Committee members for review and selection of a winner. Previous recipients of the TAA are shown here.

Associated with the receipt of the award is a beautifully engraved plaque and the opportunity to give a lecture on a relevant thermal hydraulics topic at the awards ceremony.

For 1998, the TAA was awarded to Dr. Wolfgang Wulff of Brookhaven National Laboratory. The inscription on the plaque presented to Dr. Wulff reads:

"In recognition of his many outstanding scientific contributions to the theory and practice of thermal hydraulics, service as a standards-bearer to the Profession, and his impact on the international technical community as a researcher, editor, and leader promoting in-depth physical understanding and technical excellence"

At the awards ceremony, Dr. Wulff gave a lecture entitled "Thermal Hydraulics of Two-Phase Flow in Complex Systems." This stimulating lecture dealt with Dr. Wulff's belief that numerical complexity needs to be reduced in order to improve the fidelity with which we can model two-phase flow processes and systems. He suggested utilizing the drift flux model more heavily and resorting to full two-fluid models only when needed. Dr. Wulff indicated that a major basis for this suggestion was the fact that, to date, we have unable to adequately specify all of the closure relationships (20+) required for rigorous use of the full two-fluid model.

The next few pages present photos of the awards ceremony and the awards dinner that took place after Dr. Wulff's lecture.

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