Minutes of the ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division
Executive Committee
June 7, 1998
Nashville, TN
Minutes Reported by: Martin M. Pilch



Members and guests (see Attachment 1) in attendance were: M. M. Pilch, P. F. Peterson, J. N. Reyes, T. K. Larsons, R. E. Henry, and Barclay Jones.

No excused absences were noted.


The meeting was brought to order Sunday evening at 5:00 p.m. by R. E. Henry. The agenda (see Attachment 2) was accepted.

Minutes from November 16, 1997

The minutes from the November 16, 1997, meeting were discussed and approved.

Action items from November 16, 1997

Response to action items from the November 16, 1997, are summarized below:

Action Item 1 (M. Pilch)

Post membership and terms of Honors and Awards Committee on WEB following the summer meeting.

Action Item 2 (R. E. Henry)

A letter of appreciation was sent to Dr. Wolfgang Wolff (see Attachment 3) for his dedication and service to the THD from its inception up to his recent retirement.

Treasurer Report

The treasurer report is presented as Attachment 4.


Program Committee

M. Pilch will attend the June 14 coordinating meeting in Albuquerque for the 1999 NHTC. The PC selected the following session organizers for the ANS sessions (brackets give the name of overlapping ASME or AIChE titles).

  1. Fundamentals of Two-Phase Flow (Two-Phase Flow and Heat Transfer Phenomena) (AIChE) - M. Podowski
  2. Instrumentation and Measurements (Experimental Studies in Multiphase Flow) (ASME/AIChE) - G. Kojasoy
  3. Scaling and Simulation - Wulff and Reyes
  4. Transients and Dynamics in Two-Phase Flow - Ishii
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics Methods in Two-Phase Flow - M. Bertandano
  6. Fundamentals of Multi-component Boiling and Condensation - P. Peterson and R. Gamble
  7. Thermal Problems in Accelerator Targets and Fusion - Van Tyle and C. Unal
  8. Severe Accident Fundamentals - M. Pilch and T. Theofanous
  9. Thermal Problems in Radioactive and Mixed Waste Management - M. Plys
It now appears that the NHTC proceedings will be produced on CD-ROM, which will help address the problem of revenue losses from publication at the last NTHC.

A total of 20 full-length papers are expected for the winter meeting. Because this number is too small to allow profitable paper publications, the committee decided to adopt a new approach to full-length paper publications, with the full-length papers to be accepted for publication on the CD-ROM for the upcoming NURETH-9 meeting without additional review beyond that occurring for the ANS Winter Meeting. This will be done, if the NURETH-9 organizing committee concurs. P. Peterson, who is the publications chairman for NURETH-9, will present the proposal to the NURETH organizing committee.

International Topicals

Peterson will present a proposal to the NURETH-9 organizing committee to copublish 1998 THD winter meeting papers on the NURETH-9 CD.


Honors and Awards

George Yadigaroglu expressed his thanks to the THD for his 1997 Technical Achievement Award. Larson will prepare a plaque, citation, and check for the 1998 winner of the Technical Achievement Award.

Nominating Committee

The 1998 officers and members of the nominating committee are: J. Reyes (Chair); F. B. Cheung (Vice Chair); M. Bertodana (Treasurer); N. Kurul (Secretary); B. Jones (Member); C. Unal (Member); and M. Pilch (Member).


No report.

Old Business

The University of Michigan thanked the THD for its $300 contribution to the 1998 ANS student conference.

R. E. Henry made a presentation to the ACRS on data achieving. R. E. Henry is scheduled to talk to Ted Quine (ANS President) at the summer meeting on this issue. The goal is to make a formal presentation to the ANS Executive Committee at the 1998 Winter Meeting.

New Business

None to report.


R. E. Henry adjourned the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

Attachment 1


THD/EC 6/7/98


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Per Peterson UCB 510-643-7749 peterson@nuc.berkeley,edu

J. N. Reyes OSU 541-737-7065 reyesj@concil.orst.edu

T. K. Larson INEEL 208-526-5775 tkl@inel.gov

Bob Henry FAI 630-887-5201 henry@fauske.com

Barclay Jones UIUC 217-333-3535 bgjones@uiuc.edu