ANS Thermal Hydraulics Division
1999 Technical Achievement Award
was presented to


for his outstanding contributions to nuclear thermal hydraulics science through the numerical implementation of two-phase flow models into the RELAP5 system code and for contributions to the better understanding of the interaction between numerical methods and the dynamics of two-fluid models

Prof. Victor Ransom (Purdue University) is best known for the development of RELAP-5 code, which is used internationally in transient and Accident Analysis of Light Water Nuclear Reactors. Prof. Ransom initiated the development of the RELAP5 series of codes and was the principal investigator for the project for over 10 years. Since the completion of the RELAP5/MOD2 development in 1985 he has continued to serve as a consultant for guidance on continued development of the current RELAP5/MOD3 which is to be used for advanced LWR systems.

Prof. Ransom's other contributions are in the areas of,

Development of the Particle-Fluid Model
The role of numerical damping in modeling two-phase flow
The contribution of the two-pressure model for two-phase flow
The choked flow model development
Three dimensional method of characteristics for supersonic flow
The intelligent interface for ATHENA
 Use of characteristics to develop numerical boundary conditions

Prof. Ransom is a fellow of the American Nuclear Society.